KUNZBERG designs and implements an exhibition concept that encompasses graphics, exhibit design and interactive applications for the annual shareholders meeting of Porsche Automobile Holding SE 2013.

Alternative drive concepts of the VW corporate group are the thematic focal point of the exhibition. The eye-catcher is the accessible “energy crystal” that stages the theme of the exhibition. Within the energy crystal the core message of the brand is communicated. Interactive terminals offer further information about the exhibition vehicles and alternative drive concepts.

The graphics — developed for the entrance and transition area, the exhibition hall, the catering area and the wall design of the VIP restaurant — set a simple and elegant frame for the design of the central exhibit areas.

KUNZBERG was awarded the “Gute Gestaltung Award” 2014 by the DDC in the category Space/Architecture for this project.

Communications: KUNZBERG
Architecture: Agentur für Markenträume
Lighting and Technology: MINDACT
Photos: Markus Mahle, Stuttgart
Time Frame: Mai 2013
Customer: Porsche AG