At the start of the year, Porsche celebrates the world premier of the new 911 Targa at the Motor Show in Detroit. KUNZBERG designs and implements the communications activities. For the presentation of the 911 Targa a highlight film is produced whose focus is a large-format LED display that characterizes the stand.

Additional films within the 20-minute film loops stage the models 911 Turbo, 918 Spyder and Panamera S-E Hybrid. The bracketing of the various product films establishes an emotional brand film that focuses on the brand essence “Porsche Intelligent Performance.”

Prominently positioned in the stand space is Porsche E-Mobility, not only an interactive exhibit, but also as a special theme space for the 918 Spyder.

Interactive exhibits offer detailed information, pictures, and films of the various model series. They provide the visitor with an encompassing view into the portfolio of the brand.

As part of the overall graphics concept of the trade show, large-format, back-lit images are placed as additional accents for the visitor.

Communications: KUNZBERG
Architecture: Agentur für Markenträume
Lighting and Technology: MINDACT
Photos: Kathryn Rapier
Time Frame: January 2014
Customer: Porsche AG