For the 65th time, Frankfurt is host to this prestigious automobile trade show.

For the presentation of Porsche AG at the International Motor Show (IAA) 2013, KUNZBERG designs and implements an integrated design and communications concept. Porsche presents the world premier of the plug-in hybrid super sports car, the Porsche 918 Spyder. The new 911 Turbo is the second world premier. Both stages for the world premier vehicles are characterized by the common, multi-folded, large-format LED wall. Specially produced films for the world premiers and additional highlights create striking accents to the trade show.

For the characteristic LED surface, KUNZBERG also designed and produced the media content for the press conference and the diverse evening events.

The anniversary “50 Years of Porsche 911,” and with the Panamera S E-Hybrid, the theme Porsche E-Mobility are also a focus of the communication.

“Fascination Porsche” can be experienced by the visitor in an interactive space. More than 30 films are available by the Porsche-ralated numbers through the connecting “Cosmos.” Behind every model number a view opens to a detail, a story or a fascinaitng sports car of the brand.

Interactive exhibits offer detailed information, pictures, and films of the various model series. They provide the visitor with an encompassing view into the portfolio of the brand.

Motorsports is staged in a gallery. Here the brand celebrates their success stories in Le Mans and their imminent return to prototype racing there. Historic films and emotional graphics with large motifs enliven this area. Interactive exhibits give an encompassing view into the motorsports activity of Porsche AG.

Communications and Press Conference: KUNZBERG
Architecture: Agentur für Markenträume
Lighting and Technology: MINDACT
Photos: Florian Trettenbach
Time Frame: September 2013
Customer: Porsche AG