In the new Audi A6, innovative lightweight construction and ground-breaking technology, outstanding performance, sporty elegance, comfort and design coalesce to create a modern business limousine. In February 2011 Audo AG invited dealers and importers worldwide to the annual international dealer meeting on the Côte d’Azur. Over a two-day period, a total of five select locations on the Côte d’Azur combined driving experience, lifestyle and show into a holistic brand experience.

Architecture and design transforms each location into an Audi brand space and at the same time sensitively deals with the charm of the unique locations.

Audi Brand World and Brand Show

The big Audi brand show in Palais Nikaia marks the spectacular finish of the dealer meeting. The challenge was to stage a brand world and a brand show. The familiar venue Palais Nikaia was architecturally transformed into an Audi brand world.

Inside, a convertible space was created. The guest stands — literally and figuratively — in the center! Electrically driven crescent-shaped walls in the center are used at the beginning as the exhibition space of the brand world, and later, as the media-recorded stage set for the show.

Through staged light and sound, the mood changes, transforming the brand world into the show stage. The first astonishing arrival of the new Audi A6 around the banked curve to the final countdown opens the show.

The Brand Show

For each vehicle a new coordinated staging, based on character and positioning, is created. The choreography is an interplay between media content and varied driving movements. The depth differentiation of the media space produces a three dimensional brand world.

For the show finale, the electronically driven walls are lifted to give the stage its full size. As an emotional high point, nearly all the participating show vehicles drive over the banked curve and onto the stage in their own choreographed moves.


Communication: KUNZBERG
Architecture planing: Oettle Ferber Associates
Lightdesign: 4:1, Köln
Mediaplaning: NIYU media projects
Timeframe: Spring 2011
Client: Audi AG