A modular system is used by Audi for booth sizes between 500 and 1500 square meters.
Because the system is used in more than 30 countries and in countless variations, it must prove to be easily reusable.
KUNZBERG develops an expandable graphic language that orients itself with the progressive architecture to better emphasize it.
To complete the stand, a brand horizon is developed that borrows from the space’s depth, but neverthless remains in the background.
The highlight stage has a stark background that, through a central perspective, shows the vehicles in a dynamic space.
The themes of the highlight stage can be expanded through an LED.
The “theme blades” are adaptable panels that display the current themes, effectively from a distance, throughout the hall.
According to thematic focus, between 1 and 5 “theme blades” can be installed.

Communication: KUNZBERG
Architectur: Schmidhuber
Lighting: 4:1, Köln
Photos: Markus Mahle
Time Frame: Oktober 2012
Customer: Audi AG