California is, with its invariably good weather, a center for sports car and convertible drivers.
The LA Auto Show attracts thousands of visitors every year.
The highlight of the trade show for Porsche AG is the world premier of the new Porsche Macan.
The design of a distinct theme space and the staging, with large-scale graphics in the Macan Lounge, is part of KUNZBERG’s overall communications design.

Opening the exhibition is a historic 911 Turbo convertible. Large-scale, space-framing graphics and a film stage the adjoining highlight area “50 Years of 911.” Additionally, there are films and graphics of the eye-catching Panamera S E-Hybrid and, in the theme space 918 Spyder, an essential part of the communication of Porsche E-Mobility.

Interactive exhibits offer detailed information, pictures, and films of the various model series. They provide the visitor with an encompassing view into the portfolio of the brand.

Communications: KUNZBERG
Architecture: Agentur für Markenträume
Lighting and Technology: MINDACT
Photos: Gabor Ekecs
Time Frame: November 2013
Customer: Porsche AG